Homebuyer Education

Want to become a savvy homebuyer?

Our HUD-approved Homebuyer Education classes are ideal for any potential homebuyer. AHR’s Curriculum offers education in a variety of topics from learning the basics to qualifying for a mortgage.

The Homebuyer Education classes will help you understand how to make wiser choices about one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

  • How to select a real estate agent
  • How to repair your credit, if necessary
  • How to create and maintain a budget
  • How to determine how much you should spend on a home and what price you can afford
  • What a mortgage company or bank will ask of you
  • Countless tips that will help you during the process of looking for, selecting, and eventually purchasing a home

AHR abides by the National Industry Standards for Home Ownership Education and Counseling codes of conduct. Our classes also meet the standards of THDA, USDA, FNMA, HUD, and FHLMC.

Classes & Registration

For more information, please call Barbara Holland at (615) 251-0025 ext. 242 or email her at bholland@ahrhousing.org.

Customer Comments

“I cannot express enough how much your encouragement and expertise meant to me during that awful battle I was having with all the doubts and problems the bank was giving me. I felt you with me and kept vigilant until we finally walked away with the keys to our home. Many times I was full of doubt and despair but you gave me hope and comfort, always making sure I was doing the right thing with the correct people. I never knew on that day when I came to your class that you would play such a key role in the purchase of my house. Thank you for being there for me.”

“The teacher gave great advice about buying a house that I didn’t already know.”

“The instructor gave some of the best advice and information that I have ever heard. I am so much more optimistic and confident about the process than I was before I came in.”